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  • A great deal of items that CAN be made from recycled items like paper for your printer and your kids notebook paper for school, are still being produced from virgin materials. The quality of products made from recycled content is just as high as products made from virgin materials.


  •  So you are not making any compromises by buying recycled items.
    It is important for us as consumers to choose our purchases wisely. The more we buy recycled products, the more demand we create, and consequently, more products will begin to be made from recycled content.

  • Look for the recycled symbol when shopping for products. Choose the products that show the highest percentage of post-consumer content.


  • Retailers typically want to stock what they know you are going to buy. Make sure they are aware that you want to buy recycled products. And if you still don't get anywhere; Take your business elsewhere.

information by: Recycling Revolution

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